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Crater Azul Highlights

♦ See the water crystalline birth

♦ Navigate by La Pasion River

♦ Explore the protect area

♦ Swim at refreshing stream water

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NOTE: Minimum 2 persons

Crater Azul Tour from Flores

Tour starts from Flores

$ 135.00

Meet one of the hidden treasures of the Petén department, the beautiful crystalline waters of the Blue Crater, where you can swim in nature.
Cráter Azul is one of the water sources of the La Pasión River, located in the municipality of Sayaxché, in the department of Petén.
Excursion to the source of the Pucte Stream on the banks of the Passion River. Incredible circular formation of crystalline waters, with incredible underwater gardens. Our visit starts from Flores to Sayaxche where we will take a boat to our destination, we will cross the River La Pasion and Arroyo Pucte.

Blue Crater, one of the many births. Its name is because it has the shape of a crater, with shallow banks, but when approaching the center can reach up to five meters deep.


08:00 - Transportation from Flores to Sayaxche

09:30 - Boat ride to Arroyo Pucte and Crater Azul

11:00 - Explore Crater Azul

12:30 - Box Lunch Picnic

14:00 - Boat ride to Sayaxche

15:30 - Transportation from Sayaxche to Flores

Book Now!
NOTE: Minimum 2 persons


♦ Transport Flores / Cráter Azul / Flores

♦ Boat

♦ Box Lunch

♦ Drinks

♦ Bottled water


♦ Guide

♦ Tips

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