El Mirador Helicopter Tour

El Mirador is a Late Pre-classic Maya city located in the Mirador Basin, Petén department, Guatemala, dating from 600 BC and was partially abandoned around year 150 AD. It was later reoccupied in the late classical period and finally abandoned in the ninth century. El Mirador is located in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, and only accessible by helicopter or from the village of Carmelita, 2 days of walking for 9 hours each day.

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6:00 a.m. - Guatemala – Flores – El Mirador – Flores – Guatemala

Flight of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Upon arrival, you will have time to take a quick breakfast.

Helicopter transfer to the Mirador, of approximately 45 minutes flight. You will be accompanied by an expert guide on the subject. Then you have 4-5 hours to walk on the location and see all of the significant buildings discovered so far. Return helicopter flight to Flores with a 25 minutes break. If weather conditions permit we will get back to the City.

Notable buildings: El Tigre pyramid stands over 60 meters high and exceeds by a wide margin the largest temple in Tikal (Temple IV),  La Danta, reaching over 100 meters from its base, is considered to be the largest Pre-Columbian structure in both Americas.

Helicopter Price Includes:

♦ Helicopter Guatemala – Flores – El Mirador – Flores – Guatemala

♦ Guide English/Spanish Speaking

♦ Box Lunch

♦ Catering


1 - 3 passengers - $ 4500.00

4 - 5 passengers - $ 5200.00

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