Guatemala City and volcanoes helicopter tour

Guatemala City, the largest in Central America, has many splendid views. Metropolitan area, with more than 5 million inhabitants is located between volcanoes and nearby is one beautiful lake, Amatitlan. Also, you can see the famous barrancos (volcanic trenches) and a lot of nice architecture.


2 - 3 passengers - $ 950.00

4 - 5 passengers - $ 1300.00

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One hour of flight over various parts of the Guatemalan capital, Guatemala City, overlooking nearby volcanoes, the valley of Ermita and lake Amatitlan.

The Tour highlights:

♦ Historic Center of the City

♦ Avenue Reforma

♦ Zone of Tikal Futura,

♦ Caminal Juyu, Mayan ruins

♦ Amatitlán lake

♦ Agua Volcano

♦ Pacaya Volcano

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