About us

MAYA WORLD TOURS is a Guatemalan tour operator. We have professional executives with extensive knowledge of Guatemala, specializing in the highly skilled operation of passengers (regular guests visiting these countries as well as business executives). Those who use our services know that we have the highest standards of SAFETY, PROFESSIONALISM, AND QUALITY.

We can make your stay in Guatemala a unique experience to be remembered and shared. In addition to the basic tours which MAYA WORLD TOURS offer, we are also happy to develop personalized itineraries for individual clients or groups with a specific interest in Guatemala. The price, duration, places to visit and activities to be performed will depend on what each group chooses to see.

Our mission:

The goal of MWT is to provide our clients with safe, quality and memorable tourist products so that they can always return to us.

Our vision:

Improve Guatemala and CA tourism by creating new kinds of products, improving quality, professionalism and most important safety to our clients.



MWT believes that each of our clients deserves respect and individual approach. One person will handle your booking from start to finish and ensure that all your travel needs are met.


Developing our products in Central America, we are fully aware of the safety issue. Our clients can rest assured that wherever they travel with us, they will be looked after.


Our ideal is reliability. That is the only way to gain and spread the reputation of one company. Repeat clients are extremely valuable to us, a goal.


Our staff are experienced and have years of travel knowledge.  They will ensure that every element of your travel itinerary is planned to the last detail. To be professional for us means to exceed what we offer and to monitor any possible change in our product.


We will build an entire tailor made itinerary designed around your requirements. This allows you to explore your own interests, select your own style of accommodation and travel at your own pace.


When we make some product public, we are 100 % satisfied with it. We know our products. That means simply that we would not sell you something we would not enjoy.

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Maya World Tours
Ruta 6 9-21 Zona 4
Ed. Camara de Industria
Nivel 4 Of. 401
01004 Guatemala City
Republic of Guatemala
Tels.: 2360-6941/ 2339-2612
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