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Tikal from Flores Highlights

♦ Tikal is in the Heart of the Mayan World and World Heritage Site by UNESCO

♦ Important City in Pre-Columbian History of the Maya

♦ Your jungle adventure

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Tikal by Bus from Guatemala City 3D/2N with hotel

$ 230.00

Travel to Tikal by Bus from Guatemala and visit the biggest archaeological site and ancient urban centers of pre-Colombian Maya civilization. It is located in the Peten region in the present territory of Guatemala, part of the Tikal National Park which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979.


Day 1: The Tour starts at 16 Calle 10-03 Zona 1, Transportes Cristobal Colón, Guatemala, where you will take a first-class bus at 9:00 pm and travel towards Flores, Petén.

Day 2: You will be at Flores, Peten Bus terminal at 6:30 am, our guide will pick you up at 7:00 am; our representative will be waiting for you, and transfer you to Casona de La Isla Hotel, to check-in and take an American breakfast, then tour continues towards Tikal National Park  (45 mins. approx),

9:00 am Tikal National Park, visiting the following locations: Complex Q, the Central Acropolis, Great Plaza, Temple IV and finally The Lost World; after our sightseeing, we transfer to the restaurant in the park for lunch;

At 3:30 pm we will depart from the park (if time permits you can also visit the island of Flores). At 5:30 arrival to your accommodation - Hotel de La Isla.

Day 3: American Breakfast at 8:00 am and you will be transferred to the Bus terminal to take the bus at 10:00 am and arrive in Guatemala City at 6:00 pm approx.

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♦ Round Trip Transport in Bus,

♦ Overnight at Casona de La Isla,

♦ American breakfast (eggs, fried banana, jam, butter, juice, coffee) - days 2 and 3

♦ Lunch at Tikal National Park,

♦ Transport to your Hotel,

♦ Transport from your Hotel to Flores, Petén terminal Bus,





♦ Dinner

♦ Beverages

♦ Personal expenses

♦ Tips 

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